NVIDIA's GeForce 7 Update: Introducing the 7900 GTX, 7900 GT & 7600 GT

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Performance at 1920x1200

Next we kicked things up a notch, or three, to coin a phrase.  Super high res testing is next.  We didn't want out fortunate readers with the capability of gaming at 1920x1200 res, to go away feeling neglected.

Super High-Resolution Performance - 1920x1200
Extreme HD on Dell's Widescreen LCD

With 3DMark06, we see much of the same performance scaling between the cards at 1920 resolution, as we did at 3DMark06's default 1280 res.  However, there is one somewhat interesting observation to make.  Each single card configuration gives up around 1K 3DMarks at 1920 resolution but the high end dual 512MB graphics card setups, whether SLI or Crossfire, only give up about 600 3DMarks at 1920 res.  This better high resolution performance scaling is due to the larger available frame buffers on each card discretely, versus the combined frame buffer between two cards.

Super high res gaming with X3:Reunion, shows an almost identical scaling versus 1600X1200, with each card giving up a few frame to accommodate the increase in resolution. Once again however, ATI cards take less of a hit in super high res with AA, than NVIDIA cards do and the GeForce 7900GTX is bested comfortably by the Radeon X1900 XTX with 4X AA turned on.

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