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X3: Reunion Demo - GeForce 7900 Series

Performance Comparisons with X3: Reunion

X3: Reunion
Many of today's popular benchmarks are based on First Person Shooters (FPS), so in an effort to mix things up a bit, we have some performance data recorded using Egosoft's X3: Reunion demo. The X3 game engine makes use of DirectX 9.0 class pixel shader and lighting effecting to produce the images in the game world. Egosoft recommends a 1.7GHz or higher speed CPU be used with the game, in conjunction with at least 512MB of RAM and a video card with at least a 128MB frame buffer. Gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of Origin's Privateer / Wing Commander games, which is a welcome break from the myriad shooters on the market today.


Performance hardly changes from setting to setting and resolution to resolution on all of the 512MB video cards we tested. The GeForce 7900 GTX technically finished with the highest scores here, but only a few frames per second separates NVIDIA's flagship from ATI's in the X3: Reunion benchmark. The GeForce 7900 GT with its smaller 256MB frame buffer and lower clock speeds took much larger performance hits moving to higher resolutions and with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering enabled but its stall able to outpace everything other than the 512MB GTXs and X1900XTX. Also notice the good scaling of SLI here versus CrossFire. SLI significantly helped performance in some test configurations here, whereas enabling CrossFire actually hindered performance in a couple of tests.

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