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Office XP And Photoshop Performance

PC World Magazine's Worldbench 5.0 is a Business and Professional application benchmark.  The tests consist of a number of performance modules that each utilize one, or a group of popular applications to gauge performance. 

Worldbench 5.0: Office XP SP2 and Photoshop 7 Modules
Real-World Application Performance

Below we have the results from WB 5.0's Office XP SP2 and Photoshop 7 performance modules, recorded in seconds.  Lower times indicate better performance here, so the shorter the bar the better.


Worldbench's Office XP SP2 performance module had the new Asus P35-based motherboards finishing this test slightly faster than the P965 when operating at a 1066MHz FSB, with similarly clocked memory.  And the lower-latency DDR2 equipped P35 nudged ahead of the higher-latency DDR3 setup.  Up the FSB to 1333MHz, and the scores improve across the board, but notice that latency still proves to be the deciding performance factor.


Our Photoshop test, however, was completely devoid of any meaningful data on the benefits of each system architecture.  Plain and simple, this version of Photoshop is looking for faster CPU cores to do its work, regardless, of system or memory bandwidth.

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