Intel P35 Bearlake Motherboard And DDR3 Memory – Asus and Corsair

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HD Tach ICH9R Vs. ICH8R HDD Subsystem Performance

In our next series of tests, we wanted to observe the performance characteristics of Intel's new ICH9R Southbridge and its SATA controller implementation.  We hooked up a blank Western Digital Raptor WD1500 10K RPM drive to a SATA port on both the Asus P5K3 motherboard with its ICH9 Southbridge and our 965 board with its ICH8R Southbridge.  Though this was a quick and dirty single drive test, we'll be looking at RAID performance, in various configurations, in the weeks and months ahead.

HD Tach Storage Subsystem Benchmark
Long Test With Writes On WD Raptor WD1500 Drive 


Intel clearly has refined their SATA controller design in the ICH9R.  A consistently observable 2 - 4% advantage was shown across the board in all measurements, burst, average read and average write. Though these aren't huge gains, any gain is simply goodness.

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