Intel P35 Bearlake Motherboard And DDR3 Memory – Asus and Corsair

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Fun With Overclocking DDR3

Before we called it a day, we decided to see what this new memory from Corsair could really do.  We turned up latency timings a bit and cranked our FSB and BIOS divisors to push our DDR3 modules as high as they could go.  Here are the results...

Overclocking Corsair DDR3 Memory
1700MHz+ DDR Memory Speeds

small_cpuz_oc1733.png   small_cpuz_oc1733_timings.png
System Bus Speed And DDR3 @ 1730MHz
CL 10,8,8,16

True, CAS10 timings do cause you to wince in pain a bit but look at that clock speed.  1.73GHz is no small feat for DRAM memory technology.  We're looking forward to days when perhaps we could hit this speed at CL8?  Do we hear CL7?  Time will tell.

small_san_bigoc1733.png   small_everest_oc1733.png
SANDRA And Everest Memory Bandwidth Performance

We've actually recorded similar memory bandwidth scores in SANDRA with DDR2 memory at 1100MHz+ and an FSB this high but regardless, it's promising to see a 1700MHz data-rate.  We gained about 6% more read bandwidth in this configuration.  However, we chalked up a 30% increase in write bandwidth, according to EVEREST, nothing to sneeze at and it correlates directly to the 30% increase in clock speed.

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