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SiSoft SANDRA Memory Bandwidth And Latency

The following SANDRA Memory Bandwidth tests should allow us to home in on performance levels at various bus and memory speeds as well as latency timings with our new DDR3 memory.

 SiSoft SANDRA XI SP2 - Memory Bandwidth And Latency
 Synthetic Benchmarks


In terms of overall bandwidth, a combination of a 1333MHz front side bus, coupled with 1333MHz DDR3 memory, offered the best overall performance.  Clearly the higher latency settings of DDR3 are curbing throughput however, as is obvious in our 1066MHz tests, where 1066MHz DDR2 memory at CL5 obviously edged out DDR3-1066 at CL7.  Interestingly, this was not the case in our 1066MHz memory tests with a 1333MHz FSB.

The latency picture told the story most dramatically of all perhaps.  The combination of a synchronous 1333MHz FSB and 1333MHz memory interface produced latency characteristics some 7% faster than the P965/DDR2 chipset and memory combination. However, if you don't have your clock speeds up, DDR3's current latency shortcomings will bite you in the backside.

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