Toshiba Satellite X205 SLI4 Gaming Notebook

Design and Build Quality - Part 2

The Satellite X205-SLi4 sports S/PDIF, Microphone and Headphone jacks should a user want to connect external speakers / headphone.  Normally, audio is pumped through four top-mounted Harmon Kardon speakers with a subwoofer mounted on the underside of the chassis.  Additionally, there is an integrated microphone mounted adjacent to the built in 1.3 Megapixel WebCam.


The system is equipped with an ExpressCard slot which supports both ExpressCard/34 and ExpressCard/54 interfaces while a 5-in-1 card reader offers access to Secure Digital, Memory Stick/Pro, MultiMedia and xD Picture cards.  To the right of the the touchpad is a finger print scanner which can be configured so access to the OS or other password protected applications can be accessed with a swipe of a finger.

One of the more unique features of the Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi4 is the Dual Mode Touch Pad.  When turned off, the touch pad works like a traditional touch pad pointing device, however, when enabled by touching the upper right corner, a number of shortcuts become available.  When engaged, the user can launch the default web browser and e-mail program while also controlling media playback and volume control.


With regards to accessing system components, access to the two 160GB hard drives and dual memory slots was very simple.  For those looking to upgrade/access other internal components, however, some will find the system potentially challenging as it appears the entire bottom would require removal.  We also found the access doors a little tight, causing the screws to be catapulted if we were not careful during removal.


As we mentioned earlier, the Satellite X205-SLi4 comes with a Hybrid USB HDTV External Tuner as well as a Remote Control and IR Receiver.  The TV-Tuner module supports Coaxial in as well as OTA HDTV signal with a separate antenna (not included).  The laptop has an integrated IR receiver, but for those planning to use a cable box, a separate receiver and extender is provided.  One issue we do have with the hybrid tuner is that the documentation only refers to the unit as a Hybrid USB Tuner.  Nowhere in the documentation is HDTV mentioned, nor is there any explanation on how to access HDTV signals.  Only after contacting Toshiba directly did we confirm the unit was in fact HDTV capable through over-the-air signal only.

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