Toshiba Satellite X205 SLI4 Gaming Notebook

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3DMark06, Prey and Company of Heroes

Performance Comparisons with 3DMark06, Prey and Company of Heroes
  Gaming Peformance

In our gaming tests, we focused on performance comparisons with SLI enabled and disabled.  The Dell XPS M1730 was tested solely with SLI enabled while the Asus C90S had only a single GPU, so SLI was not an option.

With SLI disabled, the Satellite X205-SLi4 easily topped the ASUS C90S, topping the overall scores over 1000 points.  When we enabled SLI, the results increased nearly 75%, but could not overtake the Dell XPS M1730 with its faster processor and GPUs.

In our next two tests, we opted to compare the Satellite X205 SLi4 with the Dell XPS M1730 with SLI enabled and disabled as these two systems were the most closely matched.

Looking at the results in both Prey and Company of Heroes tests, we found the Satellite X205-SLi4 to compete quite well with the Dell XPS M1730 system.  Considering the processor runs 700MHz lower than the Dell and the GPU is notch below the Dell system's as well, we found the scores were quite competitive.  With the Prey test, the Dell held the biggest lead at 1280x1024 but the margins narrowed significantly, especially with SLI enabled, where the 1680x1050 test was within 6FPS.  With Company of Heroes, the margins were wider with SLI enabled, while the non-SLI test had the Satellite X205-SLi4 staying within 8-10FPS of the Dell system.

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