Systemax Sabre Intel Core 2 Extreme Gaming PC

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3ds Max & WME 9 & Mozilla Multi-Tasking

We continued our testing of the Systemax Sabre with a few more tests that are part of the World bench 5.0 suite...

PC World's Worldbench 5.0: 3ds Max
More Real-World Application Performance


With World Bench 5's 3DStudio Max test, all three Core 2 Duo based machines were in the same performance neighborhood.  The Sabre trailed our X6800 system by a mere 3 seconds while the E6700 system was only six seconds slower than the Sabre.  The next closest Athlon based system was the Voodoo Omen which clocked in 44 seconds slower than the Systemax Sabre.


Windows Media Encoder 9 & Mozilla Multi-Tasking
More Digital Video Encoding

We continued our testing, this time with Multi-Tasking being the focus.  In this test, a video is encoded using Windows Media Encoder while an instance of the Mozilla browser is running and navigating through various cached HTML pages. Because the system is multi-tasking with two different applications, this test is more taxing on the system overall.


In this test, the Sabre completed the script in 274 seconds, 10 seconds slower than our X6800 test machine, leaving it right in the middle of the X6800 and E6700 test results.  All four Athlon comparison systems average from 319 to 358 seconds, a significant difference compared to the Core 2 Duo systems.

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