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Saitek Eclipse Keyboard & Razer Copperhead Mouse

Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Keyboard & Razer Copperhead Mouse
Adding to the Goodness

By now you already know that the theme with the Sabre is "red".  With its bright red 'Red Dragon" enclosure, red illuminated case fans and illuminated keyboard and mouse, the Sabre looks red hot. 


The keyboard included with the Sabre is a Saitek Eclipse Illuminated "Special Edition" Keyboard, which comes in red rather than the standard blue.  The keyboard offers three levels of illumination ranging from off, to dim and bright.  As seen in the three pictures above, the warmth of the various levels was even, with dim and bright being well balanced.  The keyboard itself has a nice feel, not too soft and not too firm.  Throughout this review we used the Saitek Eclipse and found its response and comfort to be spot-on.  Along with a dimmer switch, several volume controls were also provided, which was the sum of any bells-and-whistles over and above the illumination feature. 



The Sabre was also complemented by an illuminated red USB mouse, namely the Razer "Anarchy Red" Copperhead.  This mouse offers advanced features including 2000 DPI sensitivity, 1000MHz ultra-polling with 1ms response time and 32KB of onboard memory.  The mouse also has a total of 7 programmable buttons.  The top three are familiar, with left, right and center wheel.  The left side has two Windows buttons that can be configured in just about any way you want.  The right two buttons offer on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment which is useful when wanting to increase or decrease sensitivity in a game without having to exit and restart. Like the Saitek keyboard, the feel of the Razer Copperhead mouse was solid, with a smooth, responsive glide.  In the end, we feel both the Saitek Eclipse Illuminated keyboard and the Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse were excellent choices to complement the Sabre.

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