Next Generation Gaming Performance Analysis - A Doom 3 and Counter Strike Source Drag Race

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Doom 3 Benchmarks - CPUBoss1 Map Custom Demo


The "CPUBoss1" map demo run we created is probably the lightest duty workout for our graphics cards, with both contenders posting higher numbers overall at the various settings we chose.  This map area has a very metalic look with less dynamic lighting effects but the demo we recorded easily has the most character level action of all of our demo runs.  There are demons all over us at one point, with what seems like a constant barrage of respawning hell fire.

As you'll note, the race was a bit closer in this sequence of time demos.

Doom 3 Performance Comparison - CPUBoss1 Map
Head to head at the gates of hell



At what we would call medium resolution, without AA and Aniso Filtering, the Radeon X800 XT PE actually takes this test by a hair and only falls behind 13% or so with AA and AF turned on to 4X AA and 8X AF settings.



At 1600X1200 resolution we see a 16% edge afforded to the GeForce 6800 Ultra, with or without AA and Anisotropic Filtering turned on.  In this map and demo run, it may very well be that the Radeon X800 XT's higher clocked geometry setup engines allow it to hang a bit tougher with the GeForce 6800 Ultra.  Lighting is the 6800U's strong suit in Doom 3 and the effects of lighting in this demo scene are much less prominent.

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