Next Generation Gaming Performance Analysis - A Doom 3 and Counter Strike Source Drag Race

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Doom 3 Benchmarks - Multiplayer Match Demo


The multiplayer side of Doom 3 performance has been explored much less than the canned single player demo runs that others in the online media have been using for benchmarks initially.  With that in mind we decided to spin up our benchmarks in this area first, with a custom recorded death match taken in the "Frag Chamber" multiplayer map.  

Doom 3 Performance Comparison - Multiplayer Map
Head to head at the gates of hell



Without any additional pixel processing in the mix, the standard setting scores at 1024X768 are pretty much neck and neck, but drop in AA and Aniso Filtering and the GeForce 6800 Ultra snaps out a decisive 34% lead.  In both cases, however, the settings are very much playable on either of these high end graphics card.



Here we see the GeForce 6800 take the lead with roughly a 35 - 50% margin and the Radeon X800 XT PE drop into nearly "unplayable" territory, at least for death match purposes.

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