Mid-Range Workstation GPU Shootout : FireGL V5600 vs. QuadroFX 1700 vs. FireGL V3600

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3DMark06 and Crysis

Synthetic Gaming Performance
Higher Numbers Are Better

Gaming Performance
Higher Numbers Are Better

Looking to game a little bit after hours? Or perhaps you’re a game developer and want to do some real-time DirectX engine testing on your system?  Well, as these benchmarks show, the FireGL V5600 is likely the better card for this scenario.  The QuadroFX 1700 card performs about as well as the FireGL V3600 card in these tests, which isn't very impressive.  Frankly, none of these mid-range cards would be considered good for a gaming environment, but the FireGL V5600 is the most tolerable of the mid-range / budget bunch.

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