Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Ultraportable Notebook

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Installed Software

Lenovo includes a fair share of proprietary and after market software on the ThinkPad X300 with the intention of increasing productivity while boosting system security.  The notebook came equipped with Windows Vista Business (32-bit) and a sizable collection of software including:

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Diskeeper Home Edition
Microsoft Office Ready 2007 (Trial)
Microsoft Windows Live Toolbar and Search
Picassa by Google
Multimedia Center for Thinkpad which includes:
  • Sonic Record Now Business and DLA
  • Intervideo WinDVD Creator
  • Intervideo WInDVD
PC Doctor Diagnostics
Norton Internet Security 2007 (90 days)
ThinkPad Utilities (Power Manager and Presentation Director)
ThinkVantage Access Connections
ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software
ThinkVantage Productivity Center
ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery
ThinkVantage System Update
ThinkVantage System Migration Assistant
ThinkVantage Client
Security Solution

Overall, the ThinkPad X300's ThinkVantage software was rather impressive compared to other OEM software we've seen.  ThinkVantage Power Manager offers custom power profiles to help maximize the performance based on the system's intended use.  Not only can the system be optimized for Maximum Battery Life or Video Playback, the interface shows the effects the power profile will have on the system's Performance, Temperature, Fan sound level and Power Usage.  The software also offers advanced settings along with a status indicator of how much charge time remains.  There is also an option called Battery Stretch that, when enabled, can control various component behavior to eke out the most battery life possible.  Lastly, a battery maintenance option provides for draining the battery completely to prevent degradation if the system is mainly run on A/C power.

One of the more robust proprietary software packages is the ThinkVantage Productivity Center, which offers a broad range of features and functionality.  First, the software works as a front-end, integrating other ThinkVantage titles into a simple menu that is sorted by the category of software.  The software does a nice job of tying all of the individual titles together into an intuitive interface that shouldn't be daunting, even for the less experienced user.  The menu offers quick links for easy access to Wireless configuration, backup options, maintenance procedures and support. 

The ThinkVantage Access Connections provides easy control for the various wireless connections the system offers.  The ThinkVantage Fingerprint software controls access to the system log in, adding both security and convenience to logging onto the system.  ThinkVantage System Update is a good utility that works to ensure the software and system drivers are all current while ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery is a full-featured backup and recovery software package for enhanced data protection.

Lenove also includes several after market software titles including Diskeeper, NIS 2007, InterVideo WinDVD and Google Picasa.

On a number of occasions we've noted how proprietary software can tend to be more fluff than function, but that's not the case with the ThinkVantage Productivity Center, or other ThinkVantage titles for that matter.  Overall, the interface was well designed and most will find it quite useful in keeping their system in good operating order.  We were also impressed at how Lenovo doesn't fall into the mode of preinstalling a bunch of after market software onto the system.  We were glad to see a product like Diskeeper Home Edition installed and were equally glad to see that Norton Internet Security was not installed by default but left up to the user to install on their own as this application can cause more problems than it prevents in our experience.  In the end, our position is that less is more and this holds even more true with a system trying to balance power usage with performance.  Not loading the system up with unnecessary software is a nice plus with the Lenovo ThinkPad X300.

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