Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Ultraportable Notebook

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Design, Features and Build Quality Continued

The ThinkPad X300 has some other less obvious physical characteristics including a carbon-fiber / glass-fiber cover that Lenovo dubs a "roll cage" which protects the system when dropped.  Additionally, the X300 comes with a number of wireless technologies that adds to its connectivity versatility. 

Not only does the Lenovo X300 come with integrated Bluetooth and Intel 4965AGN wireless networking, the X300 also supports Ultra-Wideband USB connectivity along with an integrated Wireless WAN card supporting either Verizon or AT&T cell networks for truly mobile Internet connectivity.  Wireless WAN cards are provider specific, so switching carriers in the future may require a new WWAN card.

Ultra-Wideband USB (UWB):  Some of our readers may not be familiar with Ultra-Wideband USB, so we thought we'd give a brief overview of the technology to demonstrate its capabilities as well as how it compliments current and future wireless technologies.

Image Courtesy of Intel

Ultra-Wideband USB is based on the WiMedia standard, offering energy efficient, low-range wireless connectivity that delivers high-speed connections over a maximum range of 30 feet.  The focus is to allow the connection of high-bandwidth data devices such as video cameras and other media devices while not being tethered to a physical data cable.   Running at lower power than traditional wireless techologies, UWB works in the 3.1GHz to 10.6GHz spectrum, opening wider bandwidth capabilities while limiting interference potential from other devices.  As newer devices are developed to take advantage of this technology, the Lenovo ThinkPad X300 will be equipped to work seemlessly with them.

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