Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Ultraportable Notebook

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Impressions, Performance Summary & Conclusion

Performance Analysis:  The ThinkPad X300 put up some interesting performance numbers.  Understandably, with tests heavily CPU dependent tests, we saw the effects of the relatively low-clocked 1.2GHz processor, examples included 3DMark06 CPU, and PCMark Vantage's Communication and Music tests.  Conversely, tests that favored hard drive performance had the ThinkPad X300 leading the pack such as PCMark Vantage's HDD and Productivity test.  Rounding out the performance picture is battery life, where the ThinkPad X300 dominated with nearly four hours of battery life.

Lenovo has produced what they are calling their 'greenest' ThinkPad ever in the ThinkPad X300, and they had to pull off an interesting balancing act in the process.  First, Lenovo equipped the X300 with a low-power 1.2GHz CPU with 4MB of L2 cache and an 800MHz FSB.  Next, they utilized a solid-state hard drive which uses less power than a traditional hard drive while also offering increased performance.  Lastly, Lenovo added state of the art technologies such as an LED backlit LCD, Wireless USB, Wireless WAN and a FingerPrint Reader for added security.    The end result is an ultraportable notebook with blazing storage performance, competitive overall system performance to notebooks with significantly faster processors, all while sipping battery power.

Even with the Thinkpad X300's eco-friendly features and solid performance, however, the notebook does have some drawbacks.  FIrst, due to its size, certain conveniences were omitted from the X300's design, such as a memory card reader, or PCMCIA or an Express Card slots.  There was also no option for a docking station, which means the unit would need to be tethered to numerous cables (monitor, keyboard, printer, etc.) when at the office, instead of sliding into a docking station.  Even so, the system was well configured and came with ample software installed, and numerous other configuration options are available when ordering.  In the end, however, regardless of the options and features selected, this system comes commands a premium. 

The system we evaluated retails for $3258 as equipped and that price can be much higher with some optional features and service plans.  What you get for that price, however, is a well equipped, ultra portable system with cutting edge technologies. In the end, we found the Lenovo ThinkPad X300 system to be an excellent product, that requires a significant investment.  But when you consider what you get for that price, a strong argument can be made that you do get what you pay for.

  • Strong Performance
  • Blazing Fast Solid State Drive
  • Outstanding Battery Life
  • Light Weight
  • Numerous Wireless Features
  • Low Heat & Noise
  • Multiple Pointing Devices
  • Good LED Backlit Display
  • Overall Features
  • DVD not recommended for regular swapping with second battery
  • Change in WWAN plan may require hardware change
  • Pricey

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