Intel Core 2 Duo & Core 2 Extreme Processors, Chipsets And Performance Analysis

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WB5: WME 9 and Mozilla MT

For our next test, we moved on to a benchmark based on Windows Media Encoder 9.  PC WorldBench 5's Windows Media Encoder and Mozilla multi-tasking test reports encoding times in seconds, and like the tests on the previous page, lower times indicate better performance.

WorldBench 5.0: Windows Media Encoder 9 & Mozilla Multi-Tasking
Digital Video Encoding

In this test, a video is encoded using Windows Media Encoder 9, while an instance of the Mozilla browser is running and navigating through various cached pages in the background. Because the system is multi-tasking with two different applications, this test is more taxing than just running one instance of WME.


The Core 2 Duo E6700 and Core 2 Extreme X6800 posted another set of dominant scores in this multi-tasking benchmark.  Intel's new processors were almost twice as fast as the Pentium Extreme Edition 965 here, and between 53 and 149 seconds faster than either Athlon 64 we tested.

We also found a small anomaly with the P965 chipset here that resulted in lower performance. We suspect the relative immaturity of the P965 is what caused the lower than expected results in this benchmark, and believe that its performance will increase as motherboard manufactures and Intel have more time to tweak and tune the chipset drivers and motherboard BIOSes.

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