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Performance Comparisons with Prey and Company of Heroes
  Gaming Peformance

In our gaming tests, we opted to focus on performance comparisons with the ASUS C90S, which is most closely related to the
Dell XPS M1730. The desktop systems used in our previous tests would be heavily favored with their GeForce 8800GTX, so testing wasn't performed.

Admittedly the ASUS C90S isn't much of a competitor for the XPS M1730. The M1730 has a faster processor, and a faster video card, times two. At both resolutions, the M1730 mops the floor with the ASUS C90S, easily achieving double the C90S' performance. However, this was to be expected. Of greater focus is the solo performance. The M1730 remained highly playable at all resolutions and while we did not benchmark it with AA and AF on, it was able to run Company of Heroes just fine with them enabled.

We see a similar performance with Prey. Here, the M1730 is even stronger, beating the E6700 and 8600M GT equipped C90S by much more than double. Once again, the M1730 is able to handle the game just fine at all resolutions with all settings cranked to max.

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