Dell XPS M1730 Mobile Gaming Notebook


Dell's XPS brand is instantly recognizable in computer hardware and gaming circles. Whether you've owned one or not, there is no debate that XPS branded machines, desktops and notebooks alike, are serious competitors in the high-end and ultra high-end performance markets. While the XPS brand is over fourteen years old, it didn't receive acceptance from enthusiasts until rather recently. It wasn't too long ago that the thought of a machine from Dell that could compete with the best boutique builders both in terms of style and performance would evoke blank stares.

While the XPS brand has always stood for performance, it hasn't always been easy to tell. With early XPS systems, there was often little more than a paint job to distinguish a high performance XPS machine from its more mundane brethren. Considering the high performance consumer market is full of flashy boutique machines with oddly shaped cases and lighting effects, it isn't hard to see how the XPS was often overlooked. However, with each new generation, the styling became a little bit more adventurous than the last.  And with each styling update, XPS systems became a little bit more exciting and attractive.

Last year we saw Dell revamp their XPS desktop line-up with the new XPS 700 series chassis, their most adventurous yet. We got a chance to check out the new XPS flagship chassis in our look at the XPS 710 H2C earlier this year and it evoked the same love it or hate it feelings that commonly arise with flashy boutique computers. With its aggressive stance, LED-lit exterior and massive proportions, the XPS 700 series chassis shares little with the older and more conservatively designed XPS chassis we were used to.

This year, it's the XPS laptop series' turn to get a face-lift, and today we'll be looking at the new performance flagship of the XPS laptop line-up, the XPS M1730.

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