Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop Review: GeForce Infused, Bang For Your Buck

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Battery Life

Battery life may not be the deal-breaker for a gaming notebook that it is for say, a business notebook, but it’s worth keeping in mind as you shop. That’s particularly true if you plan to use the notebook for other situations, like air travel.

Battery Life
Heavy and Light Loads



We use Battery Eater Pro give you an idea of how a laptop will fare when you are running intensive programs for long periods of time. In our HotHardware test, we mimic casual web surfing by refreshing a Web page regularly until the laptop’s battery wears down. Obviously, your mileage will vary, but these tests are useful for comparison.

As I mentioned earlier, the Alienware Graphics Amplifier is loud. The laptop, however, is quite quiet. It makes a little noise under load, but the sound isn’t distracting. I barely noticed it.

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