Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop Review: GeForce Infused, Bang For Your Buck

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Performance: Hitman: Absolution and Metro: Last Light

As 47, a killer for the International Contract Agency (ICA), you have a very dangerous, but action-packed life. The Hitman franchise has been winning praise from critics throughout multiple games, of which Hitman: Absolution is the latest. When running this game’s benchmark, we set AA to 4X and pump the Quality Level settings to Ultra, making for a grueling gaming test.

Hitman: Absolution
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance
gameshot hitman

The Alienware 15 landed a little less than 7pms behind the Eurocom P5 Pro here. The Graphics Amplifier gave it another 10fps, which isn’t bad. The Asus gamer still takes top honors, though.

Metro: Last Light
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance
gameshot metroLL

The Alienware 15 jumped from 30.67 fps in Metro Last Light to 46.7 fps when we attached the Graphics Amplifier. That’s a noteworthy improvement.

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