Alienware Area-51 M5500 Notebook

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Startup Performance


Startup Performance
Powering Up...

The times listed below reflect the time it took for the system to power up until the cursor appeared with no busy indicator on the desktop background.

With a fair amount of extraneous software pre-loaded on the system, it was expected that boot times would be slightly longer than usual. Although certainly impressive from a visual standpoint, the AlienGUIse custom theme manager was one of the worst culprits here. Regardless, the system still manages to turn in a somewhat respectable 41 second boot time which could easily be narrowed down by removing a few key items from the startup sequence.

With the vast majority of the software delays only inhibiting boot times, we were pleased to see the Area-51 m5500 turning in one of the fastest times coming out of standby. With a time of 32.2 seconds, the Alienware system again finds itself on the podium with a third place finish.

In similar fashion to the results coming out of standby mode, the Alienware Area-51 m5500 is near the front of the pack for returning from hibernation mode. Here, the system earns a second place finish and is narrowly bested by the Dell 6000.

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