Voodoo PC OMEN a121x CrossFire Extreme Gamer PC

Exterior Finish & Build Quality

Simply saying it's "built well" wouldn't do this product from Voodoo PC any justice.  You have to see it in the flesh almost, to appreciate the OMEN's workmanship fully.

OMEN CrossFire Esthetics And Construction
Premium, Heavy-Duty Hummer-like Construction With A Bad  Mojo Finish

Voodoo decided to go with a custom, modified Lian Li V2000 series chassis and the finishing, while a tad on the boxy side, is extremely stylish, concrete block level strong, and very functional.  The unit we tested arrived in Voodoo's "BAM" (Brushed Anodized Machine - think Gun Metal black) finish but there are also a myriad of other colorful finishes to chose from.  The backside of the case is neat, ventilated and accessible, save for the bulky CrossFire dongle which is unavoidable currently in high-end ATI dual-GPU setups.



Cathode and LED lights illuminate the interior, emitting red and silver glows through custom logo cut-outs in the front and side panel casing.  A windowed side panel affords the owner a view of the technological splendor within this rig.  Voodoo's Witch-Doctor logo adorns the top of the chassis via a sheet metal cut-out and glows fire red appropriately.  Finally, everything from PSU to side panel access is fastened down by machined thumb-screws for quick, easy access.  The Voodoo PC OMEN CrossFire is truly a Gamer and Modder's masterpiece, showcasing some of the cleanest custom chassis design-work we've ever seen.


Rather than installing a second optical drive, Voodoo configured our machine with a Matrix Orbital MX3 LED display.  Customers can of course choose different options at Voodoo's site when configuring a system via Voodoo's customization menus for their particular OMEN build-out.  Our model was configured to provide system resource data on the display, with stats like drive space, RAM usage and even cooling system flow levels.  Again, this particular OMEN CrossFire was built with both style and functionality in mind. 

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