Pentium 4 2GHz. Socket 478 Review!

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Intel's Pentium 4 2GHz. Socket 478 Processor
Breaking through the 2GHz. ceiling with ease

By, Dave Altavilla
August 27, 2001

Coined "The Gamer's Benchmark", 3DMark 2001 from MadOnion, is a very well know DirectX 8 benchmark, that absolutely hammers on the host CPU and graphics subsystem.  We ran the default test that sets up resolution and color depth to 1024X768 at 32 bits.

MadOnion's 3DMark 2001 With The 2GHz. Pentium
Max Payne moves out


Here we see much of the same for the Pentium 4.  Of course, it is important to note the 400MHz. clock speed advantage, at 1.8GHz., of the baseline Intel system.  Regardless what is important to remember, in any of our tests here, is that these are the top "stock" clock speeds from AMD and Intel.  So all that is left is to understand is the cost model.  We'll touch upon this subject more in our conclusion.

Bapco Sysmark 2001 Content Creation and 3D Winbench Processor Test
All business, fun and games

Here we ran the Content Creation module of Bapco's Sysmark 2001 benchmark suite.  Scores were taken on a Windows 2000 clean installation.  This benchmark uses various "professional" Content Creation tools like, Adobe Photoshop® 6.0, Adobe Premiere® 6.0, Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 7, Macromedia Dreamweaver 4, and Macromedia Flash 5.  The Pentium 4 out classes the Athlon in every test, by a significant margin.  At 2GHz. the P4 is 25% faster than a 1.4GHz. Athlon.  This actually scales pretty well with the P4's  30% clock speed advantage.

Ziff Davis'  3D Winbench is an aging benchmark optimized for legacy processor platforms like the Pentium III and the original Athlon.  We ran the processor test and for sure the P4 leads but not by a wide margin, until it hits 2GHz. 


Quake 3 Arena and Final Assessments


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