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Intel's Pentium 4 2GHz. Socket 478 Processor
Breaking through the 2GHz. ceiling with ease

By, Dave Altavilla
August 27, 2001

Requiring zero introduction, we have one last quick reference point, a Quake 3 Arena Time Demo run.  We set ours up at 640X480X16 and this barely taxes the GeForce3 cards we were using in our test beds.  However, it does certainly display differences in overall system performance and bandwidth.

Id Software's Quake 3 Arena Time Demo
Don't leave home without it


With a minimum baseline figure of around 200 fps, what's not to love about the P4, if you are a Q3 fan?  210 fps for our new 2GHz. friend, certainly does warm the heart.  Again, this test is showing its age but you would be hard pressed to find a processor review on the net, without this well know and loved benchmark included.

In our final analysis of the Pentium 4 2GHz. mPGA 478 processor, there are a number of things to consider.  One perspective would be those of us who are upgrading for the first time to this current generation of technology from AMD and Intel.  To obtain top end performance, you'll most likely need new RAM, a Motherboard, CPU and possibly a Power Supply.  From this perspective an AMD platform certainly has a stronger price/performance ratio.  However, if you are interested only in top shelf performance, there is nothing on the market like a 2GHz. P4 with some RDRAM.


Another perspective of course would be those of you that are continually upgrading and tweaking.  Here, to make a move to this level of performance, if you own a socket 423 board, you can stay in this form factor but 2GHz. is the end of the upgrade line.  Does it make sense to upgrade your motherboard to this new socket 478 variety and have probably a full product life cycle available to you?  We think so.  However, sitting tight for a couple of months may be an interesting proposition as well, with SDR and DDR supported VIA based motherboards coming to market.


Regardless, all told, the new 2GHz. P4 is certainly King Of The Hill with respect to clock speed, as well as overall performance.  There will always be proponents in both camps but if you look at our tests here, the numbers don't lie.


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