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Battery Performance & Power Consumption

Battery Info & Performance
MobileMark 2007

Rounding out our testing, we ran MobileMark 2007 to assess the notebook's overall battery life while running a series of applications through a testing script. The MobileMark 2007 reader test module "reads" and pages through a large PDF file continuously until the battery runs out. This test was run with the screen set to 25% brightness.

Our ThinkPad X200 review sample came equipped with the optional extended 9-cell battery. The battery juts out from the rear or the notebook by about an inch and pushes the X200 to a weight of 3.58lb (1.63kg), compared to only 2.95lb (1.34kg) when equipped with the standard 4-cell battery, which sits flush. However, sacrificing weight and size for the 9-cell battery isn't without rewards. In our MobileMark battery test, the ThinkPad X200 managed an impressive 535 minutes (8.92 hours) before finally running out of juice. This put the rest of the notebooks in our test to shame.

To further explore the ThinkPad X200's battery life, we also put it through a set of tests with the Battery Eater utility.

We ran the Battery Eater Pro "classic" test as well as the reader test. The classic test is designed to stress the system to full-load until the battery runs out and it should give a good indication of the ThinkPad's absolute minimal battery life. We ran this test with the screen at 100% brightness. This test should represent the most punishing battery discharge scenario possible, since the processor, memory, and graphics subsystems are all stressed simultaneously. The X200 managed to last 158 minutes, just over two and a half hours. This is quite impressive especially since it would be highly unlikely any user would stress their X200 this much in normal usage on a constant basis.

The Battery Eater reader test simulates reading a large text file at a moderate speed. This test was conducted with the screen set at 80% brightness. This test is very similar to MobileMark's test except we have set the screen brightness at a much higher level which should reduce the battery life. The X200 was able to last 488 minutes in this test, which is 47 minutes less than the MobileMark test. However the MobileMark test was conducted with the screen set to 25% brightness.

Lastly, we also measured the length of time it takes for the ThinkPad X200 to fully recharge its battery.
The X200 was able to fully charge its battery from a completely depleted state in 234 minutes with the standard 65 watt travel adapter. Battery charging is likely to take even less time with the optional 90 watt adapter available from Lenovo.

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