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Construction: Field Tested - External (cont'd)


On the underside of the unit we have access to the SATA hard drive as shown in right picture below.  There is also access to the Z61p's Li-ion battery.  Right below the battery there is the Expansion Bus Port for one of three different docking options that Lenovo provides: Advanced Dock, Mini Dock, or Port Replicator.


Upon removal of the hard drive cover we are presented with a pull tab.  With a slight tug on the tab, the drive slides right out.  As you will note in the below photograph, the drive has rubber sides attached to help reduce disk vibration.  Our unit shipped with a Hitachi 100 GB 7200RPM SATA disk (model HTS721010G9SA00) with onboard 8MB cache.  In most online circles this is considered one of the fasted laptop drives currently available.

The DVD Multi-burner that shipped with our unit was a Panasonic UJ-850 multi-burner pictured below.


Multi-Burner Specifications

5X Speed DVD-RAM Writing
8X Speed DVD+/-R Writing
4X Speed DVD+/-R(DL) Writing
6X/8X Speed DVD+/-RW Writing
24X Speed CD-R Writing
16X Speed CD-RW Writing
24X Speed CD-ROM Reading
8X Speed DVD-ROM Reading
Buffer Under Run Protection
DVD MULTI Read /Write support
DMA66 support

Lastly we have three shots illustrating the removal of the DVD drive.  A simple flick of a small switch below the DVD drive kicks out a lever to which the user can then pull slightly to eject the drive.  Lenovo provides several different options which can fit into the Ultaybay including an additional battery, SATA hard drive tray (Pictured in below far right photo), and an IDE drive tray.


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