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Startup Performance

Startup Performance
Powering Up...

The times listed below reflect the time it took for the system to power up until the cursor appeared with no busy indicator on the desktop background.  Each of these test were run 3 times and the average was what was recorded.

In these next two tests we used a larger pool of systems to compare against including business oriented and gaming oriented boxes. These tests can fluctuate somewhat if you are using a stopwatch like we did. Variations in boot and Hibernation times can be off by a fraction of a second due to human error. These test are more of an approximation rather than a fixed metric such as used in programs like Worldbench and MobileMark. 


As you can tell in the above chart, the Z61p faired in the middle of the pack in terms of boot times.  These results seemed to fall in line with the rest of the laptops in terms of cpu speed.  Hibernation times on the other hand did not fair as well. The Z61p fell to the bottom of the pack when it came out of Hibernation.

Our last and final test is the Out of Standby test. We used a stopwatch to record the time it took our review sample to come out of standby until we saw a cursor.  As you can see, the Z61p was very quick when it came to coming out of Standby. At first we were somewhat surprised and tested 5 different scenarios including no applications running to a fully loaded system using both disk and cpu intensive applications.  On average it took only about 2.3 seconds.

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