Eurocom P5 Pro Review, Taking Devil's Canyon Mobile

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Performance Summary and Conclusion

The Eurocom P5 Pro configuration we tested comes in at $3,891, which luxury-PC territory for sure, but more affordable configurations are also available. And although the system has a clean look, it isn’t particularly flashy. It stands to reason that the relatively lofty price tag is buying you something other than good looks: namely, a killer user experience and high performance.

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concludeSome of the P5 Pro’s features add to your experience without directly boosting benchmark scores. The 4K display is one such bonus and so is the P5 Pro’s support for upgrades. The sea of data storage in the P5 Pro is another feature that won’t move the needle in most gaming benchmarks. All of these make a difference in the value of the P5 Pro.

When it comes to evaluating the system’s performance in games, the benchmarks point to a very strong gaming system. Still, the Asus G751 manages to best the P5 Pro in most game benchmarks, and for less money. If you buy systems based on benchmarks alone, the Asus is where you’ll likely be headed. But take into account the P5 Pro’s other attributes and you have a much tougher choice. Both systems are solid desktop replacements.

What I like about the Eurocom P5 Pro is the sense that it’s a complete package. It blasts its way through office and gaming benchmarks alike and it has rock solid audio to match the great picture on its sharp display. And although I’m not wild about the way Eurocom handled the logo on the lid, it’s not likely to be a deal breaker for most. This system deserves a look if you're in the market for an ultra-powerful desktop replacement system.

approved hh

hot not 
  • Strong performance in games
  • Gamer-friendly keyboard and network hardware
  • Huge upgrade potential
  • Lid vibrates a little on opening
  • Main logo should be spruced up

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