Eurocom P5 Pro Review, Taking Devil's Canyon Mobile

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Battery Life

Battery life may not be the deal-breaker for a gaming notebook that it is for say, a business notebook, but it’s worth keeping in mind as you shop. That’s particularly true if you plan to use the notebook for other situations, like air travel.

Battery Life
Heavy and Light Loads

We put the Eurocom P5 Pro through Battery Eater Pro and our own Web browsing test. Battery Eater Pro creates a workload to grind your system’s battery down, while the test refreshes a Web page regularly, giving you a general impression of what the battery life might look like if you use it for light online tasks.



Understandably, the power-hungry P5 Pro churned through its battery fairly quickly, but not so quickly as several of its competitors. The Eurocom notebook hung in there for an hour and 41 minutes in the Battery Eater Pro test, coming close to taking the title belt from the Lenovo Y70 Touch. And in our Web browsing test, it proved it can get you through a decent flight: two hours and 35 minutes. It an area where “not great” is expected, the P5 Pro is decidedly not bad.

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