DFI 855GME-MGF and Pentium-M Dothan Desktop Performance

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Windows Media Encoder 9 Test


Our benchmark gauntlet continues with a video encoding/conversion benchmark using Windows Media Encoder 9.  In this test, we took a 416MB Digital Video file and encoded to WMV9 format.  Run times were recorded in Minutes:Seconds, with lower times again indicating better performance.

Windows Media Encoder 9
More Digital Video Encoding

Windows Media Encoder is both heavily SSE optimized and a multi-threaded application.  In addition, it is also very memory bandwidth intensive.  This is one application where the desktop CPUs, especially the Pentium 4 completely dominate the Pentium M.  There is no contest, even overclocked at 2.5GHz for the Pentium M.  At stock speed, a 2GHz Pentium M comes in a full minute behind the high end P4s.

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