Dell XPS 630 Gaming Desktop System

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Performance Summary and Wrap-Up

Performance SummaryJust to set things in the proper perspective here, the zero-point system we used in our benchmarks should not be seen as true competition.  Differences between chipset, and more primarily the CPU and GPU really make these two systems different entities.  In that vein, the numbers we presented should help you decide what is the best setup for you and your wallet.  For the better part of testing, the XPS 630 paired with Corsair Dominator RAM gave us the best performance.  However, the numbers typically weren't too much greater than those of the Samsung DDR2-667, although the price difference could cost you an additional $200.   On the other side of the fence, SLI will also drive costs up but the increased performance may well be worth it for hardcore gamers. 


We'd have to say that Dell has done a fine job with the XPS 630.  From the brushed aluminum exterior with lighted front panel to the completely customizable interior specs, there's plenty here to like.  There's a few minor annoyances - doors not closing properly and some messy wiring - but overall the unit performed well and exceeded our expectations in the overclocking department.  We're not too keen on using the older 650i chipset as the basis, and the inclusion of relatively low-clocked RAM modules seems to be step backward, but keep in mind this isn't Dell's flagship XPS.

The same tenets hold just as true today as they did nearly 25 years ago.  To succeed, let the buyer customize their PC the way they want it and then build them a superior system at an affordable price.  It's that simple.  Dell offers the buyer a multitude of options from the CPU, to the graphics card, even down to the color of the chassis itself.  So, if you're in the market for a new PC, and aren't the type to build one yourself, we recommend looking into the Dell XPS 630.  This is a solid machine worthy of your consideration.



  • Completely configurable, down to the bezel color
  • Supports NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire
  • Sleek exterior
  • Overclocks well
  • Slight gap when closing side door
  • Could use additional fans on rear 
  • Built around the older 650i chipset

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