Dell XPS 630 Gaming Desktop System

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High-Res Gaming and SLI Testing

Benchmarks with Crysis SP Demo and ET: Quake Wars
DirectX 10 and OpenGL Gaming Performance

We now move onto some higher-end testing, to see how the Dell XPS 630 performs when running games under more realistic conditions.  Each game was set to 1600x1200 with all graphics settings set to High.  We ran the same benchmark with four configurations; once each with the varying sets of memory that the XPS 630 can be configured with, and then a fourth time with a duo of 8800 GTs connected in SLI, another upsell for this rig.


Oddly, the DDR2-667 numbers were tops for both the DirectX-based Crysis and the OpenGL Quake Wars.  In both cases, however, that difference was less than half a frame per second.  When equipped with the high latency DDR2-800, performance takes a dip with a 13% dropoff in Crysis alone.  SLI numbers were encouraging, increasing frame rates by a third in the Crysis demo, and over 41% in ETQW.  With the relatively cheap price of the 8800GT, adding in a second card is almost a no-brainer if gaming is a priority.

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