DDR3 Memory Round-Up: Corsair, Kingston, OCZ, Super Talent

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Overclocked Performance (Cont.)


We also re-ran the PCMark05 memory performance and F.E.A.R. benchmarks again with all of the memory kits overclocked on our Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 powered test bed...

Overclocked Performance with PCMark05
Overall Memory Score


As you probably expected, PCMark05 also reported substantial gains for all of the memory kits we tested while overclocked.

In-Game Performance while Overclocked
System Memory Affects Frame rates?  You Betcha!


Due to its significant increases in CPU and memory frequency, the Corsair TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF kit showed a huge improvement in the F.E.A.R. benchmark, besting its stock score by 59 FPS.  And because it was the highest clocked kit of the bunch, it put up the fastest overall score as well.

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