DDR3 Memory Round-Up: Corsair, Kingston, OCZ, Super Talent

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Super Talent W1600UX2G7


While the underlying chips used on the W1600UX2G7 memory kit may be similar to those used by Corsair and OCZ (and many other memory manufacturers for that matter), Super Talent does a number of things to differentiate their W1600UX2G7 from the rest of the pack.


Super Talent W1600UX2G7
Specifications and Features


"The W1600UX2G7 is an extreme performance 2GB kit of low latency DDR3-1600 DIMMs that supports 1600MHz+ clock speeds. It is ideal for gamers, power users and overclockers, and is perfectly suited for motherboards based on the new Intel P35 chipset. This kit has been tested and is guaranteed to operate at 1600MHz at very aggressive 7-7-7-18 latencies at 1.8 volts. It has been tested as a matched pair of modules in a dual channel motherboard to ensure ultimate reliability, compatibility and performance. These modules are clad in our custom black cast aluminum high-efficiency (HE) heatspreaders for optimum thermal performance. Efficient cooling is essential to optimize speed and to preserve the life of the DIMMs."

Module Feautres:

  • 2x 240-pin DDR3 DIMMs
  • Non-ECC, Unbuffered
  • 2GB kit (2x 128Mx64)
  • DDR3-1600, 7-7-7-18 latencies
  • Single rank
  • Chip Architecture: 2 x 8 chips, 128Mx8
  • Cast aluminum high-efficiency (HE) heatspreader
  • SPD*: DDR3-1066, 7-7-7-18 latencies
  • Made in USA
  • Super Talent Lifetime Warranty


Test Specs:

  • These modules are tested and guaranteed to operate at these specs.
  • DDR3-1600 / PC3-12800
  • 7-7-7-18 Latencies (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS)
  • Test Voltage: 1.8V
  • Tested on Asus P5K3 Deluxe
  • Tested as a matched pair in a dual channel motherboard

Super Talent's W1600UX2G7 2GB Memory Kit


There's no mistaking Super Talent's W1600UX2G7 kit in light of all the others we've shown you here in this article.  The Super Talent W1600UX2G7 DIMMs were the only ones we looked at to feature a heatsink on only one side of their PCB.  As you can see in the picture above, there are no chips on the other side of PCB, so there is no need to affix a heatsink there and increase costs.  Also notice we're not referring to the W1600UX2G7's heatsinks as a heat spreader.  While it is thin and mostly flat, the heatsinks used on these DIMMs do feature small raised fins that increase surface area and dissipate heat more effectively than completely flat heat spreaders.

As you've probably surmised by its name, the W1600UX2G7 memory kit is rated for operation at DDR3-1600 speeds and is comprised of a matched pair of 1GB DIMMs, for a total of 2GB.  Other specifications include support for 7-7-7-18 latencies, but at only 1.8v.


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