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Impressions, Performance Summary & Conclusion

Performance Analysis:  Performance of the U6S is in line with expectations given our test system's specifications. While it could hardly compete with the desktop replacement notebooks in our benchmarks, it doesn't need to. The U6S provided good performance for an ultraportable and that is what matters.

The NVIDIA GeForce 8400M G found in the U6S struggled with modern games. As the lowest-end model of the current generation of mobile GeForce graphics accelerators, this wasn't a huge surprise. However, the 8400M G does provide enough juice to allow for casual gaming and it certainly outperforms the standard integrated solution in the U6E.

The U6S provides good performance in processor intensive tasks as well as in everyday web surfing, multimedia and productivity tasks. Overall, the U6S is a great performer for its class and it is more than up to any on-the-go productivity or multimedia task you can throw at it.


The U6S' specifications are quite impressive for a notebook of this class. While most currently available ultraportable notebooks use low power versions of Intel's mobile Core 2 Duo processor to keep heat and power consumption down, the U6 sports the full-power version and can support up to the top of the line T7700 model. Other nice features not often found on ultraportable laptops are the integrated optical drive and the discrete GeForce 8400M G graphics accelerator (only available in the U6S model). All of these features are nothing special for a full-size laptop, but quite impressive considering the U6's tiny form factor.

Our sample used a Core 2 Duo T7500 processor instead of the top of the line T7700 model, and 2GB of ram instead of 4GB. Despite that, we still expect this configuration to perform exceedingly well, especially compared to other ultraportable notebooks. The U6S is an impressive notebook and it shines when it comes to style, features and performance, however it does have one glaring shortcoming; below average battery life.

Below-class battery life in exchange for above-class performance is an important characteristic of the U6S that needs to be taken into consideration when making a purchasing decision. It also means that the U6S may not be the best choice for an extreme road warrior and is more suited to general portability roles and people who need that kind of power in such a small package, in which case you'll be unlikely to find such a powerful and full featured notebook in this price range.

The U6S weighs in at 3.46lbs. This means it is on the heavy side for an ultraportable, but given its impressive spec sheet, we'll gladly let it slide. While the U6 packs in a lot of nice performance features, it doesn't forget that it is still an ultraportable laptop and it offers a bevy of connectivity options for the road warrior. The U6 has just about every type of connection you could want on a laptop available to it, including support for HSPDA for truly wireless roaming. The only missing connection seems to be a Firewire port.

Overall, the ASUS U6S is a great notebook that speaks of refinement and quality. From the deep, shimmering paint scheme and genuine leather accents to the no-compromise specifications and refined manners, the U6S is unmistakably a luxury device. Just about the only thing that doesn't scream of excess and indulgence is the U6S's modest price of $1649.99. Yes, the U6S does have below average battery life for an ultra portable, but don't let that scare you away. With so many advantages, you may well be able to overlook the U6S' one weakness and enjoy one of the best values in the luxury notebook niche. It's clear that ASUS' wide exposure to the notebook retail market is long overdue and the U6S is evidence that they have something special to offer.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Low Heat & Noise
  • Good LED Display
  • Cool Leather Palm Rests
  • Excellent Paint Job
  • Durable Chassis
  • Overall Features
  • Good Value
  • Unimpressive Battery Life For An Ultraportable
  • Touchpad Buttons Were Too Stiff

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