ASUS Lamborghini VX1 Notebook

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There is a bit of irony with regards to the custom leather carrying case ASUS has opted to bundle with the VX1 notebook. Make no mistake, this is a very high quality leather bag complete with suede trim, carbon-looking accents, white stitching, and the infamous Lamborghini emblem in all its glory. There's even a bright yellow accessory badge which features both ASUS and Lamborghini brand names with references to being "Rock Solid" and "Heart Touching". Although the latter might be a stretch, the overall aesthetic of this carrying case signifies what the appearance of the notebook should have been. There is nothing conservative about the appearance of the Lamborghini automobile and it should be making a bold statement.


An additional feature bundled with the VX1 notebook is a quality leather mousepad complete with a golden Lamborghini emblem and a Logitech Bluetooth mouse which shares the same glossy black finish as the notebook. Overall, the mouse proves to be quite capable and pleasing to use.

Beyond the accessories mentioned above, the ASUS VX1 also comes with a solid software bundle. Here, we find Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2005, Nero Express version 6.0, ASUSDVD XP 6.0, Power Direction v3.0 DE, as well as Medi@Show version 2.0 SE.

The ASUS VX1 is also equipped with a small Delta AC adaptor which is rated for a very unassuming 65W. The unit is extremely small and manageable which should make traveling with the system that much easier. However, one thing to note hear is that the adaptor does get extremely warm so be sure to keep it someplace where it won't fall into delicate places like your lap.

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