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As the fruit of a relationship between ASUS and exotic car manufacturer Lamborghini, the ASUS VX1 is designed to offer exceptional performance, stunning aesthetics, and solid reliability. Combining a vast array of the latest flagship mobile hardware, the VX1 is an impressive success in nearly every respect.


As is the case with the supercars produced by Lamborghini, the ASUS VX1 is a piece of hardware which many will lust over. Unfortunately, the notebook also carries the same price premium as the automobile with a price tag of roughly $2799. Regardless, the system does come with an impressive list of top-notch equipment including a blisteringly fast Intel Core 2 Duo T7400 processor, 2GB of DDR2-667 memory, a spacious 160GB drive, and an 8x Dual-Layer DVD burner. In addition, the system also utilizes a 15" SXGA+ LCD which comes with a Zero Bright Dot warranty from ASUS where the company will replace the panel should a single dead pixel crop up. All of this is encased in an extremely lightweight package which is finished with a quality mirror-like paint job that is sure to attract attention.


All told for the ASUS VX1, there is plenty to look at and praise. The system is surprisingly light at 5.6lb, putting the VX1 roughly on par or less than most 14" thin and light notebooks. Although pricey, the system comes with an impressive bundle including a high quality carrying case and a stellar Bluetooth mouse with matching leather mouse pad. In addition, the notebook's Zero Bright Dot warranty alleviates one major issue with notebooks as most cases of dead pixels result in the owner just having to live with it. With regard to performance, the ASUS VX1 has proven to be exceptionally fast in nearly all benchmark scenarios. Thanks to the sheer power of the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of DDR2-667 memory, the notebook is able to churn through even the most taxing desktop or content creation applications. 


Looking at the ASUS VX1, the primary issue we have with the system is the fact that this notebook carries the Lamborghini emblem. Lamborghini automobiles have long been known for being absolute brutes in terms of performance. Practicality and compromises be damned, the engineers at Lamborghini would go to any extent to ensure their cars were always at the top of the performance charts. The cars are impossibly fast, they are painfully expensive, and their appearances have always been nothing short of breathtaking. With this in mind, one would logically expect a Lamborghini notebook to be a potent Desktop Replacement system which ran hot, looked outrageous, and offered record-setting performance in every possible category. Although battery life would be abysmal, carrying the system would be strenuous, the Lamborghini notebook would act as the pinnacle for the ultimate mobile performance. After all, someone who purchases a Lamborghini Gallardo is not looking for a daily driver to bring the kids to school. In similar fashion, the ideal consumer for a Lamborghini notebook should not be overly concerned with weight and battery life. Rather, in each case the ultimate goal is obtaining the fastest possible hardware money can buy and to turn heads. In this respect, the ASUS VX1 has seemingly missed its mark. The system has sub-par gaming performance and an aesthetic that seems impossible to link to any of Lamborghini's brilliant designs. Somehow, the aesthetic for the new ASUS G2P we previewed seems much more aggressive and appropriate. Hopefully, the ASUS VX1 will not be the last attempt by ASUS to capture the magic of the "raging bull" as we are confident the company has the ability and know-how to make the proper system and do the Italian car manufacturer proud.


With such a pointed paragraph as above, it would be easy to walk away assuming we were not impressed with the ASUS VX1. However, we can assure you that the VX1 is an exceptional piece of hardware for everything but gaming. It is an excellent thin and light notebook that would be heralded with praise had it not featured the Lamborghini logo and such a high-price tag. For being the result of a joint effort between ASUS and Lamborghini, the VX1 is a bit of a disappointment. However, as a flagship level thin and light notebook for the professional on the go, the ASUS VX1 is an impressive system with spectacular performance. If you can live with the fact that the system won't afford serious gaming and are satisfied with the aesthetic, the ASUS VX1 is certainly a notebook which can handle any mobile duties you could throw at it. As a result, we are giving the ASUS VX1 a rating of "7.5" on the Hot Hardware Heat Meter.



._Core 2 Duo CPU Support
._Zero Bright Dot LCD Warranty
._Exceptionally fast in most benchmarks
._Excellent Battery Life
._High Quality Accessory Bundle
._Extremely Lightweight and Easy to Carry
._4:3 Aspect LCD
._Lackluster design for a Lamborghini
._Weak gaming performance

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