ASUS Lamborghini VX1 Notebook




Upon first glance at the ASUS VX1's retail package, the first thing one notices is the infamous "raging bull" Lamborghini emblem along with a rich finish on the notebook. Once the package is opened, the consumer is greeted with a vast array of items and documentation. Overall, the system's out of box experience does give the user the feeling that they are getting a luxury item. That premium feeling is further emphasized by the fact that the notebook is delivered in its own protective cloth case to ensure that the special paint finish is preserved through shipping and shows up in exceptional condition.


Speaking of the paint on the ASUS VX1, this special finish is easily one of the notebook's stand-out features. Although boutique notebook vendors such as VoodoPC and Flacon Northwest have been using the same elaborate and expensive paint process found on exotic sports cars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris, the inclusion of an "enhanced" painting process by a large-volume ODM such as ASUS is a first for the industry. Here, the ASUS VX1 comes with a glossy mirror finish that gives the overall appearance of the system a very deep color and rich exterior. Although infinitely better than the finish on most notebooks, the VX1 does fail to match the quality of the paint jobs on the boutique vendor PC's.


Turning our attention to the right side of the system, we find a very busy yet organized panel of ports. Here, we have no less than four USB ports, a 4-in-1 memory card reader, audio ports, modem and ethernet ports, as well as the exhaust vents and AC adaptor port. Turning the system and examining the left side of the notebook, we find the 8x dual-layer DVD burner along with the VGA video port, Kensington lock port, and Express Card PCI-E expansion slot.


Looking at the front of the system, we find little to see thanks to the notebook's exceptionally slim 1.2" height. Turning the system around, we see an equally bare panel. Here, ASUS has chosen to populate each side of the notebook and retain a clean and uncluttered appearance for the remaining sides of the system.


The ASUS VX1 features a 15" SXGA+ LCD panel that uses a 4:3 aspect ratio and comes with a Zero Bright Dot warranty against dead pixels. Should your system develop a single dead pixel, ASUS will replace the panel with no questions asked. Opening the lid of the notebook and looking at the "B" and "C" panels of the system, we find a surprisingly tame and uneventful appearance. Aside from the Lamborghini name being silk-screened above the left palmrest and the panel being made of aluminum, there is little to nothing to indicate that this is anything but an ordinary notebook. That is not to say it isn't a clean and efficient layout. Here, the power button joins various function buttons above the keyboard providing a great deal of functionality without taking up much space. However, it seems as though ASUS even realized how bland the appearance turned out as both palmrests are adorned with various vendor badges and feature stickers in an attempt to spice up the aesthetic. Unfortunately, the color and glitz offered by these decals are temporary and will be replaced with a bare black finish once they are removed. Were this not a Lamborghini edition notebook, we would have little trouble with the appearance. However, having the "raging bull" on the system should necessitate a bold statement in appearance and that is anything but the case in this instance.


Flipping the notebook over, we find an expectedly clean layout of bays and ventilation. Here, the battery is retained with two spring-loaded buttons in traditional fashion. The most exciting aspect of the ASUS VX1's underside is the special edition badging to signify the fact that this is not your everyday notebook. Although simple, the golden metal badging does have a very classy appearance and gives the user the sense of exclusivity the Lamborghini name would seem to require.

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