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Gaming Performance: Prey and Company of Heroes

Performance Comparisons with Prey and Company of Heroes
  Gaming Peformance

In our gaming tests, we opted to focus on performance comparisons with the Dell XPS M1730, which is most closely matched to the ASUS C90S.  The desktop systems used in our previous tests would be heavily favored with their GeForce 8800GTX, so testing wasn't performed.

With Company of Heroes, we found the ASUS C90S competed well against the Dell XPS M1730 which sports a faster CPU and GPU.  Overall, the C90S trailed by roughly 10FPS at both resolution with both AA and Anisotropic filtering disabled.  After playing the game for a short while, we felt that the game was playable at 1280x1024 but 1680x1050 did suffer from some stuttering and slow downs during extreme action.

Our custom Prey benchmark managed higher scores than recorded in Company of Heroes.  Still, the scores were a bit low for our liking and we should stress that potential buyers planning on gaming with the C90S factor in a more powerful video solution in their budget.

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