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Physical Overview - Vitals and Outside Look

The C90S is built around Intel's 945G Northbridge and +ICH7 Southbridge, supporting Intel Core 2 Duo processors from 800 FSB Allendales to 1066 FSB Conroes, topping out with the Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800.  The system supports up to 3GB of DDR2 memory operating at 533 and 667MHz with two memory slots. Powering the graphics is an NVIDIA Geforce 8600M GT mobile GPU with either 256 or 512MB of dedicated video memory.  The 8600M GT sports a GPU clock of 475MHz and 400MHz Memory (800MHz DDR).

Storage options included various flavors of 2.5" SATA 7200RPM drives up to 160GB.  For optical storage, the unit we received for review came equipped with a Matshita UJ-850S DVD+/-R/RW DL Optical Drive, however, optional Blue-Ray and HD-DVD models are also available.

The outer shell of the C90S has a glossy black finish with subtle lines worked into the design.  The screen is a WSXGA+ LCD measuring 15.4".  The screen has "Color Shine" which makes for a shiny glass like appearance that is an eye catcher.  Mounted atop the monitor is a 2 Megapixel CMOS camera that sports face tracking and can rotate to face the user or the opposite side of the screen.  The camera is also flanked by two built-in microphones integrated into the bezel.

The system comes with a total of three USB ports, with two off the rear right corner and one on the left side.  The left side also sports a number of inputs and outputs including a modem and Ethernet port, VGA, S-Video/Composite and HDMI ports as well as a IEEE 1394, e-SATA and Mic/Headphone jacks.  There is also an MCX port for TV-RF connections when equipped with an internal TV tuner.  The system is also equipped with a ExpressCard slot rather than a PCMCIA, which utilizes a faster serial connection and can support either 34mm or 54mm expansion cards.

The system uses a Realtek High Definition audio processor backed by two speakers mounted on the bottom front of the unit, below where your hands would sit.  We should note that the speakers seem a bit underpowered, as they were difficult to hear, even at maximum volume.  The keyboard is full-sized, having a solid feel, good tactile feedback, and it's comfortable for users with large hands.  There is a power button at the upper left corner while Hot Keys are placed at the upper right.  The first two hot keys map to the default web browser and e-mail program while the third locks the touchpad and the fourth cycles the Turbo Gear functions, which we will discuss later on.  The touchpad worked as expected, while nestled between the left and right buttons was a fingerprint scanner for added security.  Backed by simple to use software, the fingerprint reader proved to be a nice touch.

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