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Physical Overview - Inside

The underside of the C90S reveals the C90S' 6 cell 4800mAh/53W battery which charges in 2.5 hours when powered down and 4 hours while the system is running.  Because the C90S is upgradeable, ASUS made sure access was simple.  With the removal of four small screws, the entire bottom is exposed, providing access to the hard drive, CPU, GPU, Memory and mini-PCI slots, among other components.

Removal of the memory and CD-ROM drive is rather straight forward, with the memory easily removed by releasing tension on the clips while removal of one screw releases the optical drive from the chassis.  Access to the CPU and GPU are a bit more involved, but still relatively simple.  With the CPU, four screws release the securing clips from the heat pipe.  Once removed, the heat pipe is slid toward the hard drive, which slides the fins out from under the four fans mounted on the rear of the laptop.  Once clear of the system, the CPU is removed as with any other socket LGA775 CPU, by releasing the locking mechanism.

Removal of the video card requires a similar process as the CPU.  With the removal of three screws, the heat pipe is released from the card and can be slid in the direction of the RAM until the fins are clear of the rear cooling fans.  Once clear, two securing screws can be removed from the card and it can then be removed from its MXM Type II slot .

Nestled near the hard drive and CPU are mini-PCI slots that can be used to install a wireless card (pictured) as well as a TV Tuner card.  Additionally, the Bluetooth adapter is situated adjacent to the wireless adapter, underneath the second min-PCI slot.  Lastly, the hard drive was easily removed after backing out two screws.  Once removed, the hard drive does have to be removed from a mounting cage before the process is completed entirely.

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