Vista Released, Time To Make The Switch?

Thinking about making the switch to Windows Vista? One of the guys over at [H]ard|OCP took a look at the newly released Vista and gives his opinion on making the switch.

It is now here, "it" being the new Windows Vista operating system. Monday morning Bill Gates was on NBC's Today Show promoting the new operating system. Had I not known who he was or what Vista is, I would have thought Bill was just another politician dodging the direct question and answering with the standard, "It is going to protect the future of our world...our children." Well, not exactly, but I still half-expected Hillary and Rudy to show up and break into a song to save our "Global Village." Okay, that is coming off a bit pessimistic, so I should back up a couple of steps and explain some things. I hope you'll excuse my rambling.

While Vista sure looks impressive, we'll see in the next couple months how it pans out as far as performance, usability, and overall popularity. In the meantime maybe I'll see if I cant get Vista on my ASUS W3J to play around a bit.

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