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Features: Software
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We are going to be adding a new section as needed, which will focus on proprietary software from the notebook vendors. Whether you buy from Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM, etc... each company usually has software that is branded in their name to make the notebook experience just that much sweeter. By that we mean easier, simpler, more feature laden, with user fixable solutions, etc...

There are really no specific Winbook exclusive applications or indicators.


Left to Right: Main menu, DVD mode

Winbooks have a multimedia mode that runs on CyberLink's PowerCinema software. It can be accessed by pressing the "P" button to the right of the power button. You need to press the button when the system is off, though, because pressing it while you are in Windows will do nothing (other than make the "P" button flash). To exit multimedia mode, you just hit the "P" button again (which also shuts off the system). Remember that PowerCinema acts like a separate OS. It still uses all of the laptop's hardware, though, which means it is not necessarily easier on battery life than Windows XP. The only up side we see to it is that it only takes about 18 seconds to boot, which is less than half of the time Windows XP usually takes.

Widescreen version Matrix Reloaded DVD playing in Multimedia mode - the result is squashed video

It's too bad that this multimedia OS wasn't designed to support an external mouse. Winbook must not have included USB mouse driver support in it. Another problem we found occurs with DVDs and video files, which are squashed down to fit the "widescreen" aspect ratio. It's almost as if it is locked in widescreen mode, which obviously squashes a widescreen movie down even further. Of course, this is very distracting to the multimedia junkie, who will not find any way to change the setting (there is nothing related to it in the settings submenu).

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