Winbook X530 (X series/model)


Although Dell, IBM, and HP/Compaq get a lion's share of the press, there are several other major notebook brands vying for your hard earned dollar as well. Recently, Winbook's marketing machine has been in full swing emphasizing their new notebooks in the North American market. This means two things for potential notebook consumers. One, you get a few more notebooks to choose from, and two, another player is around to help drive down prices.  We've got one of Winbook's offerings in the labs right now, the X530.  What do you say we take a close look at the X530 to see what Winbook is offering...

Winbook X Series
_Designed for Intel 90nm Dothan Pentium-M with 2MB On-Die L2 Cache
_Supports 400MHz FSB

_Intel 855GME (with Intel IGP)/ICH4-M
_Supports maximum memory capacity up to 2GB

_Two 200-pin SODIMM sockets
_Supports DDR 333/266/200 unbuffered non-ECC memory
_Supports maximum memory capacity up to 2GB

_Intel Extreme Graphics 2 technology
_32-bit 3D/2D graphics with frequency up to 250MHz
_Bi-Cubic Filter
_Video Mixer Rendering
_AGP 4x (discrete graphics only)
_Supports Intel Stable Image Technology
_Supports Intel Dual-Frequency Graphics Technology (DFGT)
_Supports Display Power Saving Technology (DPST)

_Intel ICH4-M South Bridge:
_2 x DMA 100/66

_Realtek 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
_Intel Wireless 2200BG (802.11b/g) or Broadcom 802.11b/g WiFi card
_Bluetooth (optional)
_56K v.92 fax/modem

_12.1" WXGA TFT LCD (native 1280 x 800)

_Compatible with AC'97 2.2
_Built in dual speakers

Dimensions and Weight
_~ 11.4" x 9" x 1.2" (our sample)
_Starts at 4.55 lbs.

External I/O Connectors
_1 x Power jack
_1 x Lock port
_1 x PCMCIA slot (Type I/II)
_1 x Modem port
_1 x Ethernet port
_1 x Microphone jack
_1 x Headphone jack
_1 x VGA out port
_1 x S-video out port
_1 x Card reader (SD/MS/MSPro/MMC)
_3 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports
_1 x 4-pin mini 1394 Firewire port



Measuring in at 11.4" x 9" x 1.2" and with a weight starting at 4.55 pounds (our X530 sample weighed in at just under 5 pounds), the X "series" is the smallest and lightest of the four models offered by Winbook. Keep in mind that Winbook uses the term "series" in the same way most other notebook companies use the word "model." Technically, Winbook offers four different notebook models, with different configurations designated by the number system. The letter prefix of the notebook designates its model, e.g., Winbook currently offers C, X, V, and W models. For the purpose of not making this a confusing article, we will simply refer to the "X series" as the "X model." And since the X530 is a configuration/skew of the X model, references to the X530 (in the construction section at least) should be understood as encompassing the other configurations as well.

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