Winbook X530 (X series/model)

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Construction: Upgrading & Maintenance

Construction: Upgrading & Maintenance
A Look Inside...

To start with, the display can swivel a full 180 degrees.


Removing the bottom access panels gives way to reveal two SODIMM memory banks, a miniPCI slot, the hard drive, and the CPU heatsink. The sample we have here came populated with one *unmarked* 512MB DDR 333/PC2700 stick. Removing the keyboard is possible once you remove the two screws holding it down, which are located below the battery pack. After that you need to push on the three tabs holding the keyboard in place and located on the side nearest the touchpad. Then you just need to use a flathead screwdriver to lift the keyboard up, towards you, and out. There is no reason to do this, though, unless you plan to clean the keyboard.


The hard drive can be removed by grabbing the white tab, sliding it to the right, then pulling up and out. You can't just directly lift it out because there are tabs that prevent this. There is a third USB port that can be accessed by sliding out the small access panel below the optical drive.

The CPU can be accessed by removing the three screws holding down the heatsink.

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