Systemax Endeavor Xeon Workstation

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picCOLOR and SPECviewperf


Image analysis benchmarking

You’ll find two more workstation tests on this page. The first is called picCOLOR, described as a modular system designed for scientific and industrial image processing and analysis. Here we are, faced with yet another test of processing prowess.


picCOLOR scores a reference 1 GHz Pentium III on a 440BX-based platform as a 1. Everything beyond that is scored in reference to that system. Systemax’s Endeavor scores a 5.26 and our own content creation workstation delivers a 9.04. The difference in core frequency and front side bus speed is once again apparant.

SPECviewperf 10
Graphics performance benchmarking under OpenGL 1.5

SPECviewperf should be a familiar sight to graphics workstation professionals. Version 10 of the benchmark incorporates viewsets from 3ds max, CATIA, EnSight, Maya, Pro/E, SolidWorks, UGS Teamcenter, and UGS NX. It features the option to test full-screen anti-aliasing in a battery of tests that take several hours to run, but the standard batch simply runs through the viewsets. We chose to test our workstations at 1600x1200.


SPECviewperf 10 doesn’t favor the Endeavor’s Quadro FX 1700 as decisively as 3DMark06 did, but there’s a definite case for the workstation’s value as a graphics powerhouse here. In five of the eight viewsets, Systemax’s box puts down better numbers than our reference machine equipped with NVIDIA’s $999 Quadro FX 3450. When it comes to bang for the buck, that FX 1700 really gives the Endeavor some serious oomph.

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