Systemax Endeavor Xeon Workstation

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LAME MT and Windows Compression

LAME MT MP3 Encoding Test
Converting a 622MB .wav into .mp3

Now we’re getting into the real-world testing—the types of usage models you’d see with some hands-on time with the Endeavor. First up is LAME MT a threading-aware encoding application used to convert a .wav file into .mp3 format. Naturally, this is going to be another processing-intensive metric that scales according to clock speed and the number of cores you throw at the project. For our purposes, we used a 622MB copy of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.

For the discrepancy in frequency and front side bus speed, Systemax’s Endeavor fares well enough against our reference config. It still takes more than a minute longer to finish the task of turning .wav into .mp3. As a clear play on value, at least, the Endeavor does its job remarkably well.

Windows Compression
500MB file folder, zipped

Next up, we measured the time it took for Windows to compress a 500MB folder of music, movies, Web pages, and documents of various sizes. On the Endeavor, we performed the test on its RAID 0 array, where higher theoretical I/O throughput would show off the machine’s higher-end storage subsystem.

Windows compression nevertheless favored brute processing strength over disk performance as Systemax’s Endeavor took 20 seconds longer to cram our test folder into a .zip file.

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