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Cinebench R10 and POV-ray

 Cinebench R10

 3D modeling and rendering

Cinebench, based on Maxon’s CINEMA 4D rendering tool, is another processor-intensive test benchmark very relevant to the workstation world. The test is both multi-processor and multi-core aware, so you can expect to see scaling according to the speed of our CPUs and the number of cores put up against the test. Release 10 of the benchmark features a new scene that better taxes today’s graphics cards and processors and incorporates light sources, procedural shaders, ambient occlusion, and multi-level reflections.


In what’s proving to be a pattern, the superior processing power of our reference box flexes its muscle yet again. In the single-threaded test, you see the result of when a 1.6 GHz core goes up against a 3 GHz core based on the same architecture. The multi-threaded test demonstrates similar scaling.

 POV-ray 3.6
 Single-threaded ray-tracing

For our next test, POV-Ray, we opted against using the latest beta version 3.7, which adds symmetric multi-processing support to the graphics creation tool. Instead, we used 3.6, the latest official version of the software.


This is another benchmark where faster processors are going to give you better results. True to our expectations, the 3 GHZ Xeon X5365 handily outperform the E5310 in Systemax’s Endeavor workstation.

By now you’re probably wondering why we’re being so gosh-darned hard on the plucky little Systemax setup, when in fact that isn’t our intention at all. In fact, as we’ve pointed out several times already, the Endeavor is putting up quite the fight given its price point and composition. While it’ll naturally lag behind a workstation specifically designed to showcase processing power, the Endeavor’s graphics and storage performance offset the CPU somewhat. And remember, there’s still an empty processor socket, ready to take another four cores running at 1.6 GHz, doubling the Endeavor’s available processing resources. And if you're looking for a little more juice right out of the gate, you can buy the Endeavor with up to a Xeon E5345 running at 2.33 GHz on a 1333 MHz bus.

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