Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Watchband Hinge And Intel Core M Deliver Thin And Light Performance

Utilities And Software

Though Lenovo does setup the Yoga 3 Pro relatively clean, with minimal bloat, the company does bundle a few utilities in to help you make use of the various features of the machine.

Lenovo Yoga Harmony

Lenovo Yoga Harmony Settings

Lenovo's Yoga Harmony app keeps track of your mode usage and makes note of what apps you typically use in those positions. From there it will also recommend apps from a trending list of popular applications that work best in your favorite modes. In addition Harmony Settings will automatically enable features like Motion Control gestures for picture viewing, for example, if you allow it to do so.

Lenovo Settings is a handy little app for controlling various features of the machine, from audio to its web cam and even CPU temperature.  Incidentally, Intel's Core M 5Y70 peaked at about 67ºC under continuous load with Cinebench - not bad for such a tightly confined design.  We do wish there was a mechanical button for switching off the radios in the Yoga 3 Pro for Airplane mode, rather than the various software buttons in Lenovo Settings, but that's a minor gripe and the clean, quick and easy buttons here do make getting at frequently used settings relatively easy.

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